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Legacy Honoree

Maxine  Barnett, HRMATT Co-Founder

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What are soft skills?

Soft skills include a range of visual, verbal, non-verbal, cultural 

and communication touchpoints. These non-technical skills or personal attributes enable you to interact harmoniously and effectively with your clients and other stakeholders.

Why are soft skills important?

Your leadership style is as important as Substance. While hard skills showcase your experience and expertise, soft skills indicate your ability to work with others. In the absence of soft skills, you can sabotage your style.

Why are soft skills useful?

Soft skills are an important element of your brand. How you interact with colleagues, clients, and business associates can influence the way you are perceived, whether you are an Entrepreneur, Business Professional or C-Suite Executive.

Presentation to the
Toastmasters Conference

"Leveraging Soft Skills for Business Success"

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Are you an Entrepreneur, Business Professional, or C-Suite Executive who is technically strong but needs to learn the soft skills to navigate within the business arena and leadership environment?

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Mr. Michael Austin

Vice President

Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited

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we offer a customized virtual intervention that will equip you to refine your interpersonal skills and help you function with greater impact, finesse and influence as you build your business, prepare for upward mobility, lead your team or even do business across borders.

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Soft Skills: Your competitive edge in any situation

Virtual Meeting
Making new connections at Conference
Networking at Cocktail Reception
Team Coaching
Group Coaching (Social Distance)
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