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After assessing your level of soft skill proficiency, we will help you maximize your leadership style as a business professional, executive or entrepreneur.

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Executive Coaching

Do you wish to strengthen your Executive Presence?

Are you technically strong but need to hone the soft skills to navigate within the leadership environment?

Career Coaching

Are you:

Stuck in your career?

Seeking to prepare for upward mobility?

Planning to transition from employee to entrepreneur?

Spot  Coaching

At soft skills service,we use a model to find a solution to a specific issue in a short time frame.

Team Coaching

Is your team performance dropping?

Are you seeking to create a more cohesive team?

Group Coaching

Do you think you can learn from how others handle situations?

Group coaching offers that opportunity and diversity of thought.

We offer a select range of customized coaching solutions

Kimalene Regis

Maxine Barnett has worked with me from the start of my journey in Entrepreneurship. Her help has been invaluable in understanding the depth of the mindset change from Employee to Employer. She has been able to coach me through the tentative steps of client acquisition and self-mastery which is an iterative and ongoing process.


Through examples and lessons learned from her wealth of knowledge and experience, she has been able to buttress my path as I grow into my business.

Banking Officer

During the time Maxine Barnett coached me I saw myself transform personally and professionally.

She assisted me to become a more effective leader by not only encouraging me to equip myself with the technical tools required to enhance my leadership skills but also the soft skills that redound to my overall personal development.

With this tool kit,  I am now equipped with the confidence to effectively lead and build my team as I prepare for the next level. The results are already evident from the feedback I have received from my Seniors.

Salman Tariq Lone

Absolutely fantastic and mind-blowing! A session with Maxine is all that you need to reset and restart you on issues bothering on work-life balance. Maxine was such a sweet soul-her disarming smiles and burden-lifting cues and expressions as just the right incentives to un-burden a work-driven and beaten person.

You need to experience her sessions first-hand to understand what I’m saying…

Another insightful session with Maxine. Thank you @sal for making this happen, And by popular demand, can you please have her do some sessions with us after Feroza’s sessions are over?”



Ayana Gloudon, Assistant Registrar
- Human Resources

Mine is a work in progress and no easy feat! Engaging with Mrs. Barnett, however, gives you the confidence to rise above any feelings of intimidation. One experience of her gentle, easy and patient manner and you quickly and fortuitously shed your diffidence for over disclosure. Her commitment to your specific needs – professional and personal alike – extends beyond the scope and duration of contract, which gives credence to the sincerity of her efforts. Paramount are the tools with which she equips you, thereby enabling you to confidently navigate any challenge that arises. 

Since my coaching journey began, my all-round confidence has been growing from strength to strength; I am less intimidated when volunteering ideas and opinions in the professional setting; I have fewer and fewer experiences of feeling overwhelmed; I have gained a greater appreciation for establishing balance in my life and for creating and upholding boundaries; and I have learnt to seek pockets of fulfillment in the broader scope of life’s activities rather than merely the professional.

I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Barnett for all she has done and continues to do.

10/10 she is such an amazing listener ! I remember my first session with her and I just felt like talking and talking cause it was such a good vibe! Hell yes I wish this continues cause I feel like she’s the one  you should take to if you start to feel even a bit out of your place!”

 Joseph P.

Ms. Barnett is skilled at processing a person’s human potential. The questions she raises are important in helping one recognize and resolve issues. She is someone who keeps you accountable.

She is professional, unbiased and charming and gets results. I am happy with my investment. 

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